A CLI to track the time you spend on projects

With useful reports and analytics.


Not many things, just the ones you need.


Terminal first

The application is primarily designed for the terminal. We wanted to have the simplest and most intuitive experience possible for tracking time from our terminal

Offline first

You don't need the internet to use Trak. All the data are yours and stored in a simple JSON file


Get useful reports that help you organize yourself and communicate better with your customers


You can go freestyle and decide the project name for each session you record, or you can create projects in the configuration file.

Dev mode

Development mode (dev) allows you to experiment with various features and develop without affecting your real data.


A dedicated site with many guides to help you using this tool.

Getting started

Install trak on your machine


The currently recommended way to use it on your computer.
You need to have Homebrew installed.
brew install lcfd/trak/trak


Global installation for Pythonistas. pipx install trakcli


For Python developers who want to install trak in a virtualenv. pip install trakcli


If you have Nix installed and flakes enabled. nix run github:lcfd/trak

To start you need just three commands

Create project

Create a new project that needs some time tracking.
It may be the name of your customer or an activity that you love doing.
trak create project your-project-id


Start a tracking session. trak start your-project-id


Stop the current tracking session. trak stop

For more details give a look at the Quick Start ↪ guide.

What people say about Trak


Your next time traker.

For all those who need to keep track of projects.